ArTEAM 2022

  • New corporate location in one of Edmonton’s most trending areas near the downtown core
  • Broker/Owner operator actively involved in day to day and support
  • Utilizing modern technologies to drive back/office and administration programs.
  • New industry leading website with future integrated lead generating capabilities
  • New brokerage fee: $399/deal
  • Online communication with our Realtors via Zoom and social media
  • rlpSphere: automated marketing tools and pieces, social media platforms, CRM management, personal website (included) RLP Canada Realtor Referral Directory, Preferred Suppliers
  • SMART LEADS PROGRAM ....Grow your business at your own pace

Continued Support

  • 24/7 Broker & Manager direct contact and support
  • Peer to Peer learning Sessions – learn from the best
  • Monthly Continued Education Sessions
  • Admin services: automated listing and transaction upload, transaction conveyancing, monthly internal billing services, answering phone services, managing monthly MLS billings, monthly financial statements, daily commission payouts, modified sign services
  • Client meeting room
  • Brokerage Umbrella Support by broker/ manager on legal challenges
  • Team building & culture; Both pre-organized and impromptu events for ArTEAM interaction and trending idea exchange
  • Awards and Recognition Programs through Corporate and ArTEAM

About Royal LePage...Over 100 Years Canadian

Royal LePage is committed to helping you maximize your earning potential with powerful business tools, access to leads and referrals, and best-in-class training for all stages of your career.
As a Royal LePage sales professional, you are supported by a strong brand, culture of collaboration and innovation, and have access to the services and leadership that you need to be successful and grow your business.

Royal LePage ArTeam Royal LePage ArTeam
Why is the new fee structure so affordable?
  • Growth is essential. Your commitment to helping us grow is in turn our commitment to reducing your fees.
  • In order for you to buy into ArTEAM, we need to first buy into you. The industry is changing and we want to evolve with it too. We understand that as entrepreneurs, you enjoy flexibility and control of your workday. We have invested in technology over the years and it has ensured we continue to be leaders. Our efficiencies in processes are now your savings.
  • Our investments in technology over the years and going forward are your benefit too. Both in your time and in the money you save on brokerage fees.
What do I get for $399?
  • Essentially, you continue to get everything you need from Royal LePage Canada's leading national brand & ArTEAM. Just the way we deliver our services going forward will be done more efficiently, saving you time and money.
Are there hidden costs?
  • No.
Additional Services:
  • Lead distribution
  • Training – Group and Individual
  • Mentoring
  • Local & National group discounts for services such as: Lawn Signs, Printing of Marketing Materials, Business cards, Moving Services, Benefits Packages, Cell phone packages.
Will corporate fees stay the same?
  • Yes.
I miss in-person interaction, will I still get to network and meet other realtors?
  • It’s a digital age and we just live in it. Although technological advancements have made us more efficient, we know the value of in-person interaction and how important it is in our industry. Hosting ArTEAM events and impromptu network meet-ups are continuing in 2022 and beyond.
  • Our doors are always open (literally we’re available 24/7 through email & phone). The office location will offer pick up and drop off services with the availability of a booked private client meeting room.
Why would you offer the savings back to us?
  • Growth is essential and times are changing. We know, in order to succeed – we must grow and change too. We recognize that how you work and the services you need from your brokerage have changed, and we want to make sure you’re only paying for what you need.
  • Having been in the Real Estate industry for 40+ years, we have worked hard to build a great team and we are committed to being here, with you, 40 years from now.