I am very happy I ended up working with Nigel when I was selling my investment property. I met Nigel a couple of years ago at a real estate conference. We stayed in touch; it always felt great to chat to him about the market once in a while. No wonder, when it came time to sell my house in Edmonton, I reached out to him. Being in Toronto, I was a bit nervous about handling it all remotely. But the whole process turned out to be surprisingly smooth, transparent and hassle-free. Communication was great. I was informed and felt comfortable about each step of the process. Nigel takes an extra step to make sure everything goes well. It was very helpful that he facilitated the communication between everybody involved: the buyers, the tenant, and the property manager. I would definitely recommend Nigel for everybody buying or selling a house.

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“I recently bought a house in the Strathcona area and am very happy with my experience with my realtor, Nigel McLean.
I was looking for a very specific type of suited property that had income potential, as well as a main floor suitable for me to live in. Nigel listened to my list of requirements – things like location near trails and green space, open floor plan, property not a fixer upper, and from early, showed me only properties that fit what I was looking for.

As a fellow real estate investor, Nigel also understands cash flow and was able to ensure that any property we were spending time to go and look at was a positive cash flow investment. (My experience early on with another realtor was the opposite of this as, despite having given the same list of requirements, I was taken to see several very run down properties, and other properties where the rents would not cover the costs). With Nigel I never felt that I needed to qualify the property as I knew that any property on his list to view had already been qualified by Nigel. That meant that my viewing time was being spent as productively as possible and I was never wasting time looking at properties that did not meet my requirements and have potential.

Nigel was constantly screening for new properties that came on the market, and thus was able to find the multi-suited property I ended up buying in Strathcona, the day it came on the market. This allowed me to view it and put in an offer quickly before there was much competition for this income property in a prime location. I am extremely grateful to Nigel for finding this gem and giving me the opportunity to act quickly.

I have bought multiple properties and worked with other realtors, and can say I’ve never had anyone work as hard for me, or pay such close attention to my requirements. Nigel was extremely professional, and pleasant to work with, and I look forward to working with him again on future property purchases.